Luxury bespoke tailoring

Luxury bespoke tailoring

Apsley Tailors Australia are luxury bespoke tailors, delivering style, quality and comfort every day. We create beautiful bespoke suits for both ladies and gentlemen, starting from just A$999, as well as tailor-made shirts, coats and jackets. From the most fitting colour to the most splendid cut, nothing less than perfect will do.

Apsley Tailors have been creating bespoke suits of the finest calibre in Hong Kong and London’s Piccadilly for over one hundred years, and we were thrilled to launch our new Sydney branch in 2015 after serving Sydney and Australia for decades. Our service is dedicated to being as close you as possible. We regularly visit all of Australia’s influential business districts so you can grab some time with us before, during or after work, easily and at your convenience. We base ourselves in the best hotels and the best suites, to bring you the best of our bespoke tailoring options to be considered and ordered. All our clothing comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we make frequent visits across the continent so we can create your bespoke Apsley wardrobe with our most stunning and stylish garments.

Our CEO and international master tailor, Arshad Mahmood, insists that he or a senior tailor travels regularly across Australia to help our clients. Keep an eye on our updates for details of Apsley’s next trip to your city and how you can arrange some time with us. Join our email list, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or contact Apsley Tailors’ Australian headquarters. Our office phone number is 0289122106, our mobile number is 0423986393 and our email address is Finally, Apsley never charge you to talk to our tailors. Your time is as valuable as your money, and every Apsley consultation is always 100% FREE.

Who We Are

Apsley Tailors and our international master tailor, Arshad Mahmood, are renowned for offering handmade tailoring of the highest calibre. While primarily known for custom suits, Apsley also tailor shirts, overcoats, summer jackets, morning coats and more, and we provide a service to create the perfect custom-made shooting attire. We wholeheartedly believe that the suit makes the man (or woman), and we are dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best.

From June 2015, Apsley Tailors Australia will be open for business. A new location, a new country, a new continent. We aim to serve our clients with the same dedication as before, but now we will be even closer. All the better to meet your tailoring needs.

At our Sydney showroom, you can expect our master tailors to guide you through the process of creating a suit that is cut and created just for you. Dedicated to serving you, they will help in choosing the ideal fabric and lend an expert hand for the perfect design and fit. Our clothes are not made for just anyone; they are made exclusively for your body and lifestyle through your personal choices. However, each of our suits does come with Apsley's legendary style and levels of comfort and service.


Customer service is something that is very important to us. When you are fitted for one of our quality handmade suits, we know you expect personal service, alterations and advice. Apsley offer a three-month warranty policy. Within this period, all alterations are free of charge and thereafter are priced at a reasonable rate. Please contact us if you have any issues and we can arrange to help you right away.

Apsley Cleaning Advice

Suits barely benefit from being cleaned and doing so can actually shorten their lifespan. As a result, suits should be cleaned as little as possible. Dry-cleaning can seriously affect the quality of a suit; therefore if the suit is to last, it must be dry-cleaned properly. To ensure your suit is dry-cleaned carefully, we recommend you visit a specialist dry-cleaner who will sponge and spot-clean your suit individually rather than having it thrown into a drum with other garments. Suits may also suffer if pressed at too high a temperature. You have invested in your suit, so if you want it last, you must treat it with respect. Using the right hangers and hanging it suitably in your wardrobe without rubbing against other garments will also help. We strongly suggest that you do not put heavy items in the jacket pockets, as this can pull the suit out of shape. If you cycle or ride a motorbike, this can also affect your suit.