Bespoke Pants versus the rugged denims.

Richard Thom
Bespoke Pants versus the rugged denims.

Denims, jeans or whatever you call them took the world with a storm by the end of 1950s. Since then, people have worn denims in many fashions and styles. Sometimes bell bottoms, parallel or narrow as currently worn. Some days, faded and torn while some days a rich, bright coloured ones. Denims used to weigh a lot few decades ago but now they are super light, thin and stretchable. By now, you all must be wondering, why am I writing so much about denims on a website which caters to bespoke tailoring?

Well, keep reading and you will get the answer. No matter how comfortable and appealing denims become (and I am not against denims or jeans at all) and even we all love wearing them every day, still they cannot take place of finely made bespoke trousers with a suit or a full suit meant for a formal occasion.  

Trousers or pants (as they are called in the Northern America) are an essential part of the full suit or basic office attire. Some people like them snuggled to their legs; others wish to wear the baggy ones. These trends keep on changing with time and what remains in fashion for a decade goes out for a while and then the other style comes in.

Now, there are many types of trousers, the plain non-creased ones, the ones with single crease and those old baggy ones which have one addition semi-crease on each side. It is said that women love to see men in crease-less pants or at most with one single crease on each side while the baggy ones are running  out of fashion for a while, except for few gentlemen who like to wear them or are a bit chubby and cannot wear slim fitting trousers.

Trousers not only complete a suit but they give definition to a man’s personality. If a man is tall and wears slim fitting trousers with narrow bottoms, he is surely going to impress a lot of ladies and gentlemen. Similarly, if a man with average height or even less than average height is going to wear slim fitting pants with narrow bottoms, he would look taller and will show is physique in a better way. On the contrary, if people wear loose, baggy trousers, they would end up looking a little shorter and a bit lazy.

Some of you may not agree to this but, wear loose fitting trousers does make a person look a bit lazy and have and properly fitting clothes, gives you that sharp and defined edge. So, which fabrics are the best suited for making a beautiful pair of trousers that show your real personality?

The best fabrics for making trousers are the one which have a stretch but also retain their original shape. It would not be nice to have just one plain fabric since we have so many options due to emergence of high end technology in the world of fabrics. One can choose a mixture of cotton, polyester, nylon; lycra etc. which not only gives that refined look to the fabric but also is light weight, airy and comfortable to wear.

You must also choose the fabric depending on the climate in which you live, if you live in colder regions of the world, then go for some heavy fabrics which have more wool or cotton in them otherwise buying blended fabrics is the best option in the current world of fashion.

Trousers are as essential to a man as a shaving razor or a tooth brush, we may not wear them daily or very often but there are times when we cannot do without them and if you are intoa corporate job, having 7-8 trousers is must for you. So, always go for bespoke tailoring of trousers and buy the best fabric to make them, for your trousers define half of your physical personality.


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