Here are a few ways to upgrade your look at the workplace

Richard Thom
Here are a few ways to upgrade your look at the workplace

Just remember, getting ready for work is now no longer about wearing anything from your wardrobe.

Life was quite simpler a decade ago and men dressed in just a normal looking suit with a simple shirt and tie and went to work. In the current scenario, all that has changed. Men have to dress according to the new culture of the corporate world, where it’s all about looking good, dressing up well and making a grand impression on your co-workers, employees, bosses and most importantly clients. A little more effort in dressing can make a whole lot of difference.

Now, should you wear grey flannel or just cool plaid? Loafers for a casual hang out with friends or sneakers to look a bit sporty; a three piece suit to make a grand impression or a pinstripe jacket for supporting a cool look? All these questions run through your minds and sometimes it is highly confusing. Just ask yourself, if the way you dress is fine for you or you need a wardrobe upgrade?  

Upgrade the style codes

When you are working in corporate industry, you might have noticed that all the offices have an unwritten dress code. This means that there are no said rules on wearing certain types of clothes but everyone is dressed in semi or full formal clothing. If you do not blend in, you’ll look a bit out of their league and if you become like all the others, then you have lost your individual identity. So, you need to blend in yet, stand out at your workplace. Remember, that in corporate industry or a company, you need to wear good quality shirts, trousers, suits and ties.

Now, on a contrary perspective, every job and company is not the same. There are those businesses where you may wear casual clothes like a normal casual shirt, a good pair of jeans and even T-shirts. Here, you have plenty of options to look different in many ways. You can have casual bespoke shirts made and wear them with handcrafted trousers and make each day different and refreshing. You do not need to wear boring suits all day long; seven days a week.

There is another popular office dress code, quite in vogue these days where people work in very friendly environment and creativity is given a boost. People wear semi-formal clothes or a blend of formal and casual clothes. You can wear a linen shirt with a blue blazer and a pair of white pants or pink shirt with dark blue denims. Let your imaginations fly and make your own combinations of colourful shirts, waistcoats, semi-formal trousers and trendy shoes.

Position clothes just right

The first step in upgrading your style is to learn; wearing clothes properly. Experts and trend setters suggest that it is important to make sure that the clothes that you wear fall well and are placed in the right positions on your torso. Trousers should fall just on top of the shoe and the waistband should be just above the hips, not at navel. Make sure that the upper part of your tummy does not stick out, if you are fat, try losing some weight.  The sleeves of the shirt should end at your wrist bone and should not sag on the shoulders.

Experiment with colour and fabrics

Don’t just stick to white, black, blue or grey formal shirts all the time, though these are the colours most worn in formal environment. Even a small change in colour and appearance of your shirt can upgrade your look. Try experimenting with softer colours like lilac, beige or teal. You can also wear trousers in other colours like olives, whites or tans, instead of just grey and black. Opt for different fabrics like wool, linen or fine cottons. Remember to buy those colors which go well with your skin tone, not those which make you appear either too dark or too fair. You should go for colours which you find pleasing to yourself and others. It is really important that you should experiment with various colours and patterns to get what you wish to have rather than just picking clothes from the rack.

Upgrade your accessories

Well all has been done but now what you need to pay attention to, are your accessories. A stylish pair of reading glasses and a sporty briefcase in fine faux or real leather is all you need to enhance your look. You can also add trendy shoes in many colours like brown, white and black to match your accessories and clothes. Do not invest on loafers; they are least stylish shoes that any man can wear.

Having done all this, now it’s time to get yourself a new haircut and few skin treatments, so that you look good overall and not just by the new clothes that you have got. Upgrade your look by adopting a trendy haircut and sporting a look that matches your face.

This is all that is there for now and I hope that you guys have got the right amount of information required for upgrading your wardrobe and your look, so go for a new look and enjoy the new you.


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