The Rag Club

The Army and Navy Club which is also called The Rag is an exclusive, private and membership club in London and was founded by Lieutenant–General Sir Edward Barnes in 1838. The purpose behind establishing this club was to establish an Army Club for the officers of the British Army on full or half pay on membership bases. Later, when the Duke of Wellington was requested to become the patron of this club, he refused and demanded that the membership be extended to the officers of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. This was agreed and after that the membership was open to the retired and in-service officers of the British Armed Services and their immediate relatives.

Though, this club was founded in 1837 in St. James’s but was moved to the current location in 1851. As a private club, this place combines the ambience of Victorian era with the modern facilities at its best. We are very proud that many of the club members are our clients and that we have designed and tailored bespoke clothing (specially suits) for them. It’s an honour for us to dress the officers of the armed forces in the best of suits that a man can wear on this globe and we are committed to making excellent bespoke clothing for our clients.